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Buying a home or real estate in Cobourg Port Hope or Clarington can be both a great experience and a great real estate investment. Living in the Cobourg Port Hope (Northumberland & Clarington) area may be the best decision you could ever make for either yourself or your family. Understanding the local real estate market is critical to your being able to buy or sell property anywhere, but especially in a real estate market like the lakeshore area where supply and demand have such an instant impact on property and home values.

At Cobourg Real Estate .com we dedicate ourselves to the education and protection of our clients. We're involved with Cobourg real estate everyday, we see the homes that sell for more than expected ...... and we know when a house shows good value.

Home Sellers too need to be fully informed to maximize potential

Clarington Cobourg Port Hope Real Estate

The lakeshore area between Bowmanville and Brighton is going through some significant changes the last few years. Because these towns line up in such a close progression as you drive along the 401. Bowmanville seems to connect with Newcastle and Newtonville to form Clarington. Port Hope and Cobourg seem to be just another blink down the highway with Grafton and Colborne just beyond. Even Brighton and Warkworth appear to be connected with the other towns. However, even though the geography is close, the real estate market can be very different. Property values are very localized, and to assume a home in Bowmanville would have the same value as a similar home in Cobourg could be a big mistake. Understanding the ebb and flow of real estate values as they are influenced by the broader influences season, economy (both local and global) and environment can be a challenge for both home buyers and sellers. But the more refined influences of property location, condition and market timing are all but impossible without the benefit of a local expert. Someone who is involved with the real estate market every day ... and has been for a number of years ..... In times of price volatility is critical to work with a real estate professional who understands to needs of both real estate buyers and sellers and can identify the best possible opportunity for for profit. Your home is the largest investment most families ever make .... use an experienced professional.

Dave Chomitz

Dave Chomitz has been involved in the Northumberland Clarington real estate market for 17 years. Having helped many buyers and sellers during that time he has the tools and experience to maximize your profit. As an active realtor Dave was one of the first in Northumberland to embrace Buyer Agency ... and then the internet

Over the years, as the internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes Dave has strived to stay ahead of the curve to better serve his clients. Being one of the first Cobourg Realtors to have e web site ..... Dave has now developed and real estate web network that includes a series of 11 web sites. All individual - independently hosted and each optimized for specific real estate search terms. The goal with part of Dave's real estate business is to rank well on all search engines for a number of different search terms. This ensures total coverage and exposure for all homes, land, property and real estate no matter how a buyer looks.

By understanding real estate trends Dave can help you posiiton yourself in the strongest position posible. Tracking what is happening in the local real estate market on a daily and monthly basis only Dave can tell you exactly what homes are in the greatest demand .. what properties are most sought after and what land and real estate price trends are looking like. Real estate is a cyclical business and knowing exactly where you are in the cycle is critical to taking the best advantage as either a home buyer or property seller.

By coupling the strongest internet presence with traditional real estate marketing it's possible to generate the maximum exposure for sellers and increase the possibility of the highest sale price..

Let Dave help you with all your Real Estate and Property Needs ~ Buying or Selling

If you're buying or selling real estate of any kind in the Port Hope and Cobourg area, be it a family home, a building lot, a retirement property, a retreat or recreation type property ... really any kind of real estate at all ... you'll want to be sure you're making the best decision your can. For yourself and for your family. Being aware of what Cobourg and Port Hope real estate is available for sale at any given time is very important, but more critical is knowing what people are paying for homes and property. Also becoming familiar with what real estate was offered for sale but did not sell ~ using this total property market knowledge you'll be able to get a feel for real estate values and recognize opportunities when they present themselves.

Cobourg-Real Estate .com is a member of the Lakeshore Realty Group, 11 web sites dedicated to helping people buy and sell real estate in Northumberland County. You can see inside some of the best homes in the area, search mls .ca where you can see every home and piece of real estate for sale in the county and ask for more information when you find a property that "twigs" your interest.

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